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From Rob Hansen (December 31, 2003 07:14 PM)
Mitch Wagner wrote:
    I think the central gimmick -- the rolling roads -- is deeply wonderful, and who cares whether they're practical or not? Ever driven for hundreds or thousands of miles on flat, featureless highway? Wouldn't it be nicer to >have a whole STREET along with you, sit in a pub or restaurant for a little while, go out for a little stroll -- all while moving at 100 mph -- and then arrive at your destination?

I've done this. The thing I did it on is called a train.

From Anne (January 6, 2004 09:22 PM)
    I have a warning for all of you: if you have not yet read The Da Vinci Code, avoid it at all costs! The whole thing is based on faulty philology, not to mention the fact that it's so badly written that I can't think of an entertaining way to insult it. Go read Preacher instead, which although based on the same bad philology is a masterpiece.

From teep (January 6, 2004 11:17 PM)
    Two thumbs up on Preacher here, heck of a fine comic. (Graphic Novel? Something. Sequential art in panels with word balloons, whatever you want to call it.) It has lots of head explosions that are not particularly tasteful. It's got amazingly fun dialogue. Vampires! Angels! Corrupt earthly organized religion! Strange inbred people! Cannibalism! Sodomy of all kinds! Arseface! There's also a preacher and a dead guy (not a vampire) and the devil and so forth. Fun stuff. With, did I mention, astonishingly graphic head explosions? Oh, and you'll see a serial killer, a meat-processing plant, a few horses, some grand theft auto, a certain amount of sex, a truly frightening grandma, and John Wayne.

    Preacher lead to the following memorable conversation with my mother:

    My mom (flipping through a volume of Preacher): "This is pornography!"

    Me (over her shoulder): "No, mom, that's cannibalism."

    My mom: ...

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