Friday, 19 October 2007

Relaxation and Enjoyment

I've had a lot of enjoyment looking through the list of 50 Greatest Cartoons

It includes, naturally, "What's Opera, Doc?" (pedantry), and Rabbit of Seville? (Una la volta!)

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Mysterious Typeface Change

'For some most mysterious reason, this isn't the blog I once knew'*. Unaccountably and apparently of its own accord, the Title, Headings and Body changed from a serif to a sans-serif typeface. At the moment the sidebar Text and Headings seem to have retained their original serif selves. Who knows how and/or why.

I've checked through the template file and can't find any reason. Adding in specifications for assorted serif faces doesn't seem to have made a difference. The template may need "upgrading", but that will mean it loses a lot of the customization I've spent so much time on. It will all need to be re-done. I don't feel up to spending that time, concentration & energy all over again at the moment.

UPDATE: Viewing this blog on other machines shows it still with the approved, preferred, desired, serif typeface. So I dunno. Am leaving it alone now in case I make it worse.

* Music, sung (not very good version, RealPlayer); lyricses

Monday, 15 October 2007

Lake George in Others' Eyes

Lake George. A popular name. There are a number around the world. We have a few (4) in Australia, but I think the most famous, or notorious, is the one in NSW, near Canberra. Tho' as one of its photographers on Flickr says: "traditional definitions of 'lake', 'river', and the like don't really hold in Australia".

Lake George's Geomorphology; A brief but clear description down near the end, around Figure 7. (In the context of the detailed broader geological area). Also (cautiously) check out the Wikipedia article. From the Sydney Morning Herald:
Getting to the bottom of the Lake George mystery
by James Woodford
November 30 2002 articles/ 2002/ 11/ 29/ 1038386313869.html

People's Pictures of Lake George


Lake with fence (B&W)
Originally uploaded by fotonchop
This lake has a fence in it. An old photo, with water.

Lake George NSW Australia

Old Lake George, wet version
Lake George NSW Australia
Originally uploaded by sandown
Lake George around 1980, wet version. A now-rare photo of Lake George with water — quite a substantial amount of it too.

lake george

Ridge & windmill, Lake George
lake george
Originally uploaded by omnia
Sunrise behind the wooded ridge.

Australia - Lake George

Lake George - big sky country
Australia - Lake George
Originally uploaded by Celeste33
Lake George isn't in official "big sky country", but sometimes it's just there anyway.

Lake George from its western shore 180d panorama

Panorama and an indigenous opinion, driving north from Canberra

Golden Summer, Lake George

Golden Summer, lake with livestock
Golden Summer, Lake George
Originally uploaded by carlmonus
Art & Life. This lake has livestock.

Lake George (dry lake) just outside Canberra

Mmm. Brings back some of my favourite memories travelling along the border of the lake towards sunset. Just gorgeous.

lake george, canberra

a pale straw plain
lake george, canberra
Originally uploaded by tEE.bEE
Another enduring memory, the pale straw colour of the broad flat grassy plain.


Originally uploaded by totalisator
How lovely it is to watch the clouds come and go, and the shadows and light changing across the 'lake bed' and mountains.

Lake George in sombre mood

A very dramatic version of Lake George by Chris Lane, used with a newspaper story about conflict in the area. 'Gales buffet turbine project', by Wendy Frew in April, 2006

PoD — Lake George

Lake George, clouds
Originally uploaded by The Department
Lake George under fluffy clouds in a high clear sky

DSC_0016 - Lake George mistier, greyer

This lake has a road across it
Originally uploaded by DC Maggie
This lake has a road across it. Lake George under a mistier, greyer kind of cloud.

Lake George - dry and sheep grazing in distance

Even more livestock on the lake.

I tried to make a Flickr set out of other people's Flickr photos, couldn't work it out. Tried to set up a link for a search for "George" in my Favourites set, but that only works for me and when I'm signed in. Can't just put in the general "Lake George" and Australia search unless you too want to sort through the hundred or so.

So I'm trying to set up a type of set (heh) by making an entry here with thumbnails of my selected images, which I can link to. An advantage is that I can include non-Flickr images. It'd be nice to have it as a table with 3 or 4 thumbnails across, but for now I'll just have to go with the standard image uploads that Blogger has.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Bogong Moth season in Sydney 2007

Bogongs – first the recipe, now the film!
10 Oct 2007. ABC Sydney. (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):
It's not just the young and foolish attracted to the bright lights of the big city. Swarms of Bogong moths have descended on Sydney during their annual seasonal migration from southern Queensland and northern New South Wales to the alpine region as they migrate to escape the summer heat.
The Herbison-Evans/Crossley story on Agrotis infusa:

Short report with nice pictures from TV news

Long rambling description from a recent resident. Very "actuality"-style camerawork. She seems rather freaked out by the poor little harmless, helpless Agrotis infusa (CSIRO).

Friday, 5 October 2007

Portrait of a Young Man

Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin painted by George Richmond in the late 1830s, not all that long after the voyage of The Beagle.