Sunday, 19 August 2007

Aren't they a lovely couple?

John & George make a lovely couple
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John W Howard & George W Bush at APEC 2005 (Busan)

For an overview of APEC leaders group photos, see this Sydney Morning Herald blog link: photographers/ archives /2007/ 08/ ok_some_targets_are_just.html

Friday, 10 August 2007

Million-to-One Shots

Standing on a mountaintop in northern Siberia under the rapidly descending bulk of asteroid McAlmont, with a calculating expression and a baseball bat —
Somehow this is linked in my mind with the XKCD comic No. 254, viz
No one wants an explanation more than us. Except Ms Garofalo

Monday, 6 August 2007

Yoshihiro Suda

Yoshihiro SUDA (nmp net gallery) museum/ nmp/ nmp_b/ gallery/ shokudo/ suda_e.html
"a plant can only live by adapting itself to the environment when its seed is first planted in the ground somewhere. If the seed is dropped in myself, then it must acclimatize to the environment which is me. It just so happened that I was a person who sculpted wood. Therefore, within myself, the plant forms itself into a state that is sculpted wood"
Weed, by Yoshihiro Suda
Yoshihiro Suda and Takehito Koganezawa: Ma, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin reviews/ yoshihiro/ index.shtml
I discovered a sticker on the wall saying "morning glory, painted wood." I was momentarily puzzled by this because the space around the sticker appeared to be empty. In my search to locate the work, I looked up and saw an exquisitely carved flower curving out of the wall above my head. From then on, I spent the rest of the show having quiet discoveries in the gallery ... Yoshihiro Suda, Weeds

Friday, 3 August 2007

Zeppelin versus Pterodactyls, and writings

Some fun stuff put together on Utoob — Zeppelin versus Pterodactyls

Inspired by this, apparently
(Some casting ideas are: "Christopher Walken as the Zeppelin Luftkapitan, Alan Ford as the pissed-off British pilot sent to stop him, Nathan Fillon as the American mechanic for the British ... Tilda Swinton as Walken's frightening Lieutenant, Angelina Jolie as the, hmm, Russian spy/assassin sent to take care of Walken. And Dakota Fanning as the first victim Walken throws out of the zeppelin's windows so that the pterodactyls can feed.
The sequel, of course, would be Raptors on a Zeppelin, starring Sam Jackson as the brilliant native of the Lost Continent who seizes the zep' from the Nazis by infesting it with his trained raptors ...")

Which is also discussed here: MHVF/ index.php?showtopic=1073

I found Orwell's works here. Turns out there's considerably more, up & down the scale
Edgar Rice Burroughs: words/ authors/ B/ BurroughsEdgarRice/ index.html
Miguel de Cervantes: words/ authors/ C/ CervantesMiguelde/ index.html
William Shakespeare: words/ authors/ S/ ShakespeareWilliam/ index.html

Defending Bulwer-Lytton 2007/ 07/ defense-of-bulwer-lytton.html