Thursday, 24 February 2005

I always wondered why the Sydney Morning Herald never ran a story about the scandals about the Swiss pushing Jewish & other refugees escaping the Nazis back over the border, or even directly taking them to patrols, ever as much as it put the stories of Australian treatment of people arriving at our borders on the same or facing pages, let alone tried to run them in parallel columns, which would have made the point reasonably clear.
Two WWII examples are Sabine Sonabend & Joseph Spring. See here lawrpt/stories/s96863.htm and here 2-0-/module/displaystory/story_id/7369/ format/print/edition_id/139/displaystory.print

Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Hmmm ... dunno about this ...

Congratulations! You are the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

You seem quite logical and approachable, but you're actually quite Complex, in more ways that one.

Which Fundamental Theorem of Mathematics Are You?

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Hemispheric contrasts, and other things

February 10th, 2005: A quite chilly-looking photo in Daily Imagery at topleftpixel. Some interesting patterns, not just aesthetic, but showing what's happening. 050210_1030.shtml
Note, the previous day's one is very like my stuff.

These are the sort of things that remind one, Gee, the weather hasn't been all that bad in Sydney recently. (see also first link from topleftpixel, above)

"Reversioning" picture books

A set involving discussion of the use of PhotoShop and author's photos 006081.html#74135
also 006081.html#74139
and a short note at 006081.html#74144
discussing these photos

I guess this is a horror 'zine online. Quite nicely done - at least with a fat pipe. Less atmos with lower-rent home brand.

Tuesday, 15 February 2005

Navy releases tsunami images
By Richard Black
BBC environment correspondent
UK scientists have released images of the ocean floor near the epicentre of December's giant Asian earthquake.
They were obtained by the Royal Navy's hydrographic survey ship HMS Scott.
The three-dimensional pictures ( sci_nat_asian_tsunami_rupture_zone/html/1.stm) detail the deformed seabed 150km (94 miles) off the Sumatran coast, and reveal huge underwater landslides.

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Monday, 14 February 2005


From Rob Hansen (December 31, 2003 07:14 PM)
Mitch Wagner wrote:
    I think the central gimmick -- the rolling roads -- is deeply wonderful, and who cares whether they're practical or not? Ever driven for hundreds or thousands of miles on flat, featureless highway? Wouldn't it be nicer to >have a whole STREET along with you, sit in a pub or restaurant for a little while, go out for a little stroll -- all while moving at 100 mph -- and then arrive at your destination?

I've done this. The thing I did it on is called a train.

From Anne (January 6, 2004 09:22 PM)
    I have a warning for all of you: if you have not yet read The Da Vinci Code, avoid it at all costs! The whole thing is based on faulty philology, not to mention the fact that it's so badly written that I can't think of an entertaining way to insult it. Go read Preacher instead, which although based on the same bad philology is a masterpiece.

From teep (January 6, 2004 11:17 PM)
    Two thumbs up on Preacher here, heck of a fine comic. (Graphic Novel? Something. Sequential art in panels with word balloons, whatever you want to call it.) It has lots of head explosions that are not particularly tasteful. It's got amazingly fun dialogue. Vampires! Angels! Corrupt earthly organized religion! Strange inbred people! Cannibalism! Sodomy of all kinds! Arseface! There's also a preacher and a dead guy (not a vampire) and the devil and so forth. Fun stuff. With, did I mention, astonishingly graphic head explosions? Oh, and you'll see a serial killer, a meat-processing plant, a few horses, some grand theft auto, a certain amount of sex, a truly frightening grandma, and John Wayne.

    Preacher lead to the following memorable conversation with my mother:

    My mom (flipping through a volume of Preacher): "This is pornography!"

    Me (over her shoulder): "No, mom, that's cannibalism."

    My mom: ...

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