Thursday, 27 January 2005

Atlanta Nights by Travis Tea (Book) in Books > Fiction & Literature > Women's Fiction > Glitz & Glamour

Atlanta Nights by Travis Tea (Book) in Books > Fiction & Literature > Women's Fiction > Glitz & Glamour [on ]

Travis Tea is a pseudonym for a group of (mostly) science fiction and fantasy authors who were amused by PublishAmerica's claim (at their site) that SF & F authors are "writers who erroneously believe that SciFi, because it is set in a distant future, does not require believable storylines, or that Fantasy, because it is set in conditions that have never existed, does not need believable every-day characters."

So about thirty writers knocked off a novel over a long weekend, writing it as ineptly as they possibly could. Plot, characterization, graceful prose ... none of them are to be found in ATLANTA NIGHTS. Grammar and spelling take a drubbing. The book was submitted to PublishAmerica -- and it was accepted.

Now you can see for yourself what PublishAmerica considers to be "believable storylines" and "believable every-day characters."

Prepare to be amazed.

Breathtaking! Mind expanding!You will never view reading a book in the same way!

Amazing. Incredible. Mind-bending. Sweet. Coy. Surprising. These are all words. Some of them are found in this book. Buy it. Read it. Lend it. Love it. I have seen the future of American literature. And his name is Travis Tea.

hy on earth... by MacAllister Stone
Wed 26 Jan 8:36 am EST 2005 last modified on Wed 26 Jan 8:40 am EST 2005
would a talented, smart, dedicated, and otherwise exemplary group of people participate in a hoax of this magnitude? For a worthy cause, I suppose.

I anticipate MANY pleasant hours reading and re-reading this piece of utter drek--trying to puzzle out which of my favorite writers to blame for each and every dreadful chapter.

I just hope I recover from the annoying twitch beneath my left eye that I developed upon reading the first three pages. Fans in the know could develop an online game of "identify-the-chapter-writer" to keep ourselves occupied for months.

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