Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Hemispheric contrasts, and other things

February 10th, 2005: A quite chilly-looking photo in Daily Imagery at topleftpixel. Some interesting patterns, not just aesthetic, but showing what's happening. 050210_1030.shtml
Note, the previous day's one is very like my stuff.

These are the sort of things that remind one, Gee, the weather hasn't been all that bad in Sydney recently. (see also first link from topleftpixel, above)

"Reversioning" picture books

A set involving discussion of the use of PhotoShop and author's photos 006081.html#74135
also 006081.html#74139
and a short note at 006081.html#74144
discussing these photos

I guess this is a horror 'zine online. Quite nicely done - at least with a fat pipe. Less atmos with lower-rent home brand.

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