Saturday, 23 December 2006

Christmas and Nostalgia on YouTube

Several clips of one ad (sung by Ben Robinson). It's apparently a parody of a classic UK Christmas show. We aren't at all familiar with it here, though I recognise the tune from BriTV references to it, and many of the scenes they fly past. I'm informed one I scene don't know is the Falkirk Wheel (photos & some info at falkirk/ falkirkwheel/), a modern rotating boat wheel. watch?v=bVjWiT-zmvs watch?v=tLZBfU5H1yM — This one has the lyrics to the advertisement watch?v=GM5eMnj2Pkw watch?v=AbNoPiROsS8

John Lennon's Beautiful Boy, set to video filmed at Lennon's house at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island in April of 1980. watch?v=l_imwld_WzI&NR

Sarah's Sister — a Christmas story, written to make people cry pastlives/ archives/ 2005/ 11/ sarahs_sister.html

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