Friday, 28 April 2006

LoPiverse (Harry Potter fanfic)

LoPiverse of A.J. Hall:
Welcome to the LoPiverse web site. So what is the LoPiverse? Well, it's really just a convenient short-hand definition for the series of fanfic and cross-over fanfic e-books, based upon J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels, by the author A.J. Hall. Namely, two full length novels, Lust Over Pendle and Dissipation and Despair and a series of shorter stories, Mark of the Beast', 'Not a Whisper', 'Queer as Scent', 'The Kindly Ones', 'Time Shall Not Mend', 'Ships that Pass'� and the new short story, 'The Perilous Point.
(The word 'LoPiverse' itself, comes from the abbreviation of the title of the first novel, Lust Over Pendle, or LoP for short.)

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