Saturday, 28 January 2006

Assorted Kinds of Creation

Costume history reconstruction
For the Head"

The Hands That Sew the Sequins
Published: January 19, 2006
EVERY day for the last three weeks in Montmartre, 45 seamstresses at the House of Lesage, France's oldest embroiderer, have been hunched over wooden frames feverishly stitching sequins, rhinestones and beads onto gossamer cloth. Their needlework is so intricate it seems spun from candied sugar.
[Part of a very old tradition]

Various garments & accessories available here pages/accessories_cat_CategoryID_74.php

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including this idea:
Pantyhose Love Glove - Makes putting on pantyhose a pleasure. Prevents snags, tears & rips on pantyhose caused by jewelry, jagged nails & dry skin. Perfect for handling and washing fine fabrics too. Smooth nylon tricot is resistant to snagging. One size, stretchy lace trim. $7.00

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Another exciting wrist-top timekeeper!
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