Friday, 22 July 2005

Pix: New London Bombings 21st July, 2005; iPod ads; Cat Blogging

Panic, police shutting roads (London, 21st Jul 2005) -

A phone-video (Quicktime) of police clearing a street in London vids/moblog_e7c1578f1dbf1.3gp

(And the 'moblog' of a fairly cluey bloke who calls himself Dave)

randomimagewall : Dave

Adam - could you contact me if you're happy to license these for wikinews please? London_Underground_evacuation_after_%27Incidents%27

Cult of Mac
by Leander Kahney
Wednesday, 22 June 2005

IPod Ads on Flickr
The world's greatest photo website -- -- is home to lots of fine shots of iPod billboards.

Nicer things
Domo Proudly Supports Cat-Blogging
5th Jun 2005 10:26 (from Katyblog by doodle)

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