Saturday, 4 June 2005

"Royal de Luxe" Performance piece in Nantes, in memory of Jules Verne

This looks great. Could Sydney Festival bring it out? A certain friend of mine would say I should go to "London (UK) the 8, 9, 10 and 11 of September, or in 2006: Bilbao (Spain), Antwerp (Belgium), Calais (France)." where other performances are planned :)
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This is an official site, with commentary in French, but is mostly just good photos - bit on Jules Verne

Helmintholog (The Worm Book)
The Treachery of Technology:
oh jesus fuck
I just spent four hours straight with Robert Trivers, one of the
greatest biological theorists of our time. For two of them, I had a
digital voice recorder going, with a new battery carefully inserted
and all the old tracks on it deleted, a tricky business without the
manual. I checked after a couple of minutes to make sure it
wasworking. I watched that the little red light kept blinking … ah,
blinking. When I returned to my hotel room, exhaused but triumphant,
it turned out that I had somehow switched on the voice operated
recording function while deleting the old stuff in a coffee shop
before the interview, and it only operated when people spoke very
loudly. So I have a record of these two hours 35 minutes long and much
of that is laughter. ha ha ha.
I think we go for quote approval on this story.

UPDATE: went back and did another forty minutes, with everything
working. Now transcribed, though less funthan the original.

WormGuy, above, links to "The Weirdest Book I ever read - 519211.html?thread=25103915#t25103915
and jwz/490497.html
which relate to (a nother lot of stuff on creationism, but with some neat drawings & a fun theory of dinosaurs, with film suggestions)

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