Monday, 20 June 2005

Bookish; Are fossils words in the Book of Earth?

Side by side Chaucer at the Medieval Sourcebook:

The Kelmscott Chaucer
After a quick glance at the Kelmscott Chaucer, one might think the book was printed in the 15th or 16th century, not long after the printing of the Gutenberg Bible. In fact, it was printed in 1896. Its intentions, however, were very much rooted in the early history of the printed book. The publisher was the founder of the Kelmscott Press, William Morris, who was not only a noted printer and typographer, but also a famous commentator on a vast array of subjects, from the design of textiles and furniture to politics and social studies. The Kelmscott Chaucer was Morris' response to what he considered the cheap quality of books of the time

Walking directions to Mordor site

From a set of not-entirely-serious commentaries on most of the book
There are a great many jokes in Moby-Dick, including possibly the world's most erudite fart joke: "For as in this world, head winds are far more prevalent than winds from astern (that is, if you never violate the Pythagorean maxim)..."

Jim Woodring's FRANK visits the Burgess Shale!

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