Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Los Alamos blog & assorted links

Possibly amusing caption contest obsidian_wings/2005/04/contest.html

Free Online Graph/Grid Paper PDFs
Includes Dots (Like normal graph paper - but with dots instead of lines); Hexagonal; Celtic Knotwork Graph Paper [?!? Wow] ; Asymmetric (Asymmetric graph paper is typically used for knitting patterns. Knit stitches are wider than they are tall. You can set your own width to height ratio.) and Multi-Width.

Struggle for Atomic Facts

More Atomism

Blogs seem to be everywhere. But this one is unusual, in that the Los Alamos National Laboratory, isolated in the mountains of New Mexico, has a long history of maintaining the highest level of federal secrecy.

The blog ( went public in January and since then has registered more than 100,000 visits, with more than half a million pages viewed and more than 5,000 comments. Discussions run on a variety of topics, from the sanctity of retirement benefits to the likely identity of the next contractor who will run Los Alamos.

Since most messages are anonymous, there is no way to know how many laboratory employees contribute to the blog. Even so, from the sheer volume, detail and differing styles of the messages, the number is clearly many more than a handful. The language, often studded with obscure acronyms, suggests that the authors have a deep knowledge of the laboratory's exotic culture.

[Current news is about a death, see story at news/13584.html which details another nasty incident, recalling blog/Raspberry_Jam_Lost ]

: The LANL blog has been moved to its final resting place, at ~roberts/ lanl-the-real-story
LANS officially assumed the LANL contract June 1, 2006. This blog shuts down July 1.

Friday, June 30, 2006
Last Post
This is the last post to LANL, The Real Story . 869,847 visitors, 3,274,719 page views as of today.

This blog will remain on-line for some as yet undetermined period, but I have turned off the ability to comment on existing posts, and there will be no more submissions accepted. The Los Alamos Historical Society has requested that I burn a copy of the blog to DVD so that they could archive it, and I will do this. In addition, I may install a stand-alone version of the blog on computer at the Los Alamos Museum where visitors will be allowed to browse a "live" copy of LTRS, but not make any modifications to it.

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