Thursday, 14 April 2005

Wrist PDA - Watch this space

Watch this space
By Adam Turner
March 29, 2005
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Often the coolest gadgets aren't the cheapest or most practical, they're the ones that make your tech-head friends green with envy, like Fossil's Wrist PDA ...The device lasts four days without a charge if you use it as a PDA for 30 minutes a day and don't use the backlight but you lose all data if the battery goes completely flat. We think it needs a separate watch battery ...
A Wrist PDA Software Development Kit is available and Australian Palm developer Gavin Maxwell ( has written several applications for it, including a version of the popular Wassup.
Wassup lets you quickly see how many appointments you have, how many to-do items you must attend to and your remaining memory and battery life. If you're sick of carrying around a handheld PC just to remind you what time Channel Nine have randomly chosen to screen Star Trek this week, the Wrist PDA will put you in Nerdvana.
Fossil's Wrist PDA, rrp about $315. Details:

But does it have a camera? (There is a camera-watch available.) Yes, I kinda like it, but needs nicer looks and rather better functions. Different to technolust.)

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