Wednesday, 3 November 2004

Mirror Project; Reflections

Did you know there's a place called Licking County, Ohio?
Bonus Kerry anecdote - back in 2002, when he last ran for the Senate, the voting booths at his precinct weren't working, and a large line was building up. He asked the poll workers for the manual, studied it for a bit, and fixed the machines. When I saw that story, I knew I liked his attitude. (via Dan Blum, no verification)

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FOJM relaunched as the Mirror Project in June of 2001 with just over seven hundred contributions and we continue to grow daily Thousands of people from around the world continue to support the The Mirror Project by capturing photographs of themselves in all manner of reflective surfaces. We love you.

Why reflective self-portraiture? This interview that Heather did with O, the Oprah Magazine might shed some light on the matter
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Fotoblog: The Wonder Spot - "11/02/04 VOTE!"

The only problem was that they stuck the "I voted today" sticker directly onto my new bomber jacket. I peeled it off and put it on my car bumper. I don't believe in those stickers. I'm proud to vote, sticker or not.
ObSF idea: "I haven't voted yet" stickers, distributed and applied pre-election and removable only at a polling place. If a person still has his sticker after the election, he is shunned, scorned, and has to buy all of the beers for a week.

Bangladeshis urge vote for Kerry

Interesting Suggestion
Larry Brennan ::: ::: November 02, 2004, 08:04 PM:
Re: electronic voting machine design - Forget the interaction and usability
experts and give the contract to International Game Technology ( ). They know a thing or two about building secure devices with good uptime.
Plus they could come out with a Simpsons-themed voting booth!

I found the Bangladeshis for Kerry rally photo on Yahoo News Photos. Both new-look Yahoogle & the older one have long & hideous URLs; I've put spaces in case they break the display here, so remove the spaces, or just search for pertinent terms onsite. news?tmpl=story&u=/041101/481/ dha10111011526Bangladeshi supporters of U.S. presidential candidate John Kerry march
urging American people to vote for Kerry, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Monday, Nov.
1, 2004 (AP Photo/Pavel Rahman)

Pic only:

Sad, bad news coming through this afternoon from the election (we just started Daylight Saving, I think you've just finished, so it's a bit after 5pm Wed Nov 3rd officially here).
My pessimistic friend thought it was all set up well ahead, and is saying things about the lowest ebb is just before the turn of the tide. Also that sometimes you have to go & help the tide. I think he's somewhat at the stage of Aaron McGruder's "The Boondocks" comic strip of Nov 2, 2004

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