Wednesday, 2 June 2004

Language & Other Matters

Very Traditional Japanese Costume
Check out some of the others. Tasteful
(related to which - The "Verbs Bad" Manifesto: 2001/winners2001/tedholm.htm
For further Language stuff, also see the Language Log (e.g.
Gene Buckley emailed to point out the widespread adoption of the eggcorn inclimate weather, which has 11,000 whG (web hits on Google), or 2,567 whG/bp (web hits on Google per billion pages). The original phrase inclement weather has 173,000 whG or about 40,372 whG/bp, so the original is only about 16 times commoner than the eggcorn. This is a genuine folk-etymology-in-progress, not a simple misspelling, since the morphologically incoherent "incliment weather" and "inclemate weather" have only 719 whG and 73 whG respectively.).

I like the whG (web hits on Google) & whG/bp (web hits on Google per billion pages) measurements, too.
See WhG/gp and other problems of quantification at 000974.html
Also try For visual as well as other recreation.

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